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Journey of Teen Author David Baker: The Chronicles of Cancatia and Beyond

Journey of Teen Author David Baker: The Chronicles of Cancatia and Beyond

New Delhi [India], May 24: David Baker is a sixteen-year-old author (as of 2024) who made the unusual choice of writing a novel at the age of fourteen and ever since that he first learned to read, he has been captivated by various books and also this passion led him to explore world history and the fascinating mythology of different cultures, he began writing stories at the age of seven, unaware that he would stumble upon a toy sword that would spark the inspiration for his young adult epic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Cancatia.

He didn't just stop at the idea for this series but pondered over it for years. He eventually decided to write the story as it is in The Chronicles of Cancatia: Divided. Divided is the first of a four-book series, which is a young adult fantasy novel that revolves around adventure, involves battles to defend empires, and drifts over romance, betrayal, and dark magic.

David sought inspiration from various cultures and beliefs around the world to create his world and the characters in it. These helped him craft dragons, elves, fairies, centaurs, humans, De El Dronga (a group of man-eating, shape-shifting monsters), and other mystical creatures that are the building blocks of Cancatia.

He released his debut novel, Divided, in December 2022, and he was overjoyed when it won the prestigious Golden Book Award in 2023 and was featured in an article in The New Indian Express. His book touches on important global issues such as war and gender discrimination.

Despite pouring his heart into the story, he was unsure of how it would be received. To gather some feedback, he sent the book to reviewers who not only reassured him that they thoroughly enjoyed it but also provided valuable comments. Three such reviewers remarked:

"Epic fantasy at its very best from the highly imaginative mind of David Baker will leave you craving for more"—Harry MacLure, editor, writer, comic book illustrator and filmmaker.

"The settings of the plot in a surreal land, the distinct characters with distinguished features make it a fantasy with unique roots"—Thirupurasundari, writer and Honorary Secretary of the Madras Literary Society.

"The Chronicles of Cancatia: Divided, a masterpiece by David Baker… The remarkable storytelling is just mesmerizingly outstanding"—Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali, Dewan to the Prince of Arcot.

It’s been over a year since the release of Divided, and David is thrilled to share that the second book in the series, The Chronicles of Cancatia: Risen, is set to launch this June. Risen will delve into the aftermath of the war from his first book, exploring how it has impacted beloved characters like King Haldor, Princess Phade, King Lashur, Prince Talsgur, and Auden.

This book will take us on a journey through the challenges faced by each kingdom of Cancatia and how they strive to overcome them. The book is set to feature an expanded cast of characters, offering a deeper dive into the world of Cancatia. Get ready to uncover the origins of Cancatia, learn about the unique traditions of the five elven tribes, encounter majestic dragons, read a prophecy of doom, and most importantly, follow Auden's gripping tale.

David would like to encourage young people like him to start writing. “There is no better way to master the art of writing than by actually writing. The more you write, the better you become at it. Every story, article, or novel you write serves as a stepping stone that will lead you to success,” says the teen author. Further, he adds, “It's important to remember that there may be people who will try to discourage you, but you need to turn a deaf ear towards them and focus on those who support and encourage you to strive for excellence!”

The Chronicles of Cancatia: Divided is available as a paperback on Amazon and Flipkart in India, and Amazon worldwide. The ebook is on all vendors including Kindle, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo.

David is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and studies in Montfort Matriculation Higher Secondary School, St. Thomas Mount. You can find him on Instagram (teenauthor_david_baker), where he shares sneak peeks of his upcoming novels and exciting updates about his short stories. Additionally, his short stories are available for you to enjoy on Medium ( You can email him at