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NeuralGarage’s ‘VisualDub’ creates multilingual lip sync for Amazon India’s ad campaigns

NeuralGarage’s ‘VisualDub’ creates multilingual lip sync for Amazon India’s ad campaigns

New Delhi, June 5 (UNI) In its two recent ad campaigns, Amazon India has used NeuralGarage’s ‘VisualDubTM’ a generative AI technology, to visually dub their advertising creatives into seven regional languages for TV and Digital.

It is one of the first use cases in the world of leveraging Gen AI technology for content and media production across multiple languages.

NeuralGarage, a deep tech startup from Bengaluru, has managed to break new ground in the advertising and marketing domain with its generative AI technology, VisualDubTM, that helps with multilingual lipsync in content & media. Advertising creatives and other marketing content in India are usually produced and shot in one language (usually Hindi) and then dubbed into several different languages, making them look inauthentic to regional viewers.

NeuralGarage helps repurpose those creatives by making them look native and local for regional consumers through its proprietary technology, VisualDubTM.

The NeuralGarage team has collaborated with Amazon India for their Amazon Daily and Amazon Fresh ad campaigns that went live across TV and digital platforms. Its collaboration with the e-commerce giant represents a global first-use case of integrating generative AI technology in multilingual lipsync.

VisualDubTM, being language agnostic, makes dubbed content look natural and syncs the lips and jaw movements of the actors within the video to make it more visually authentic. It helped Amazon India with visually dubbing its ad creatives into seven different regional languages.

Mandar Natekar, Co-founder, and CEO NeuralGarage said, “There is a lot of news around what is possible with generative AI technology, but it takes a client like Amazon to back new tech into its business, actually walk the talk, and show the world what is possible. We are thrilled to collaborate with Amazon on these campaigns and showcase the power of our tech. It has always been our vision at NeuralGarage to harness the true potential of generative AI to make communication seamless & make dubbed content look visually authentic. I am thankful to Amazon India who gave a budding Indian startup like ours a chance to demonstrate the scope of ‘VisualDubTM’. We are committed to pushing the boundaries in advertising and marketing further with our proprietary tech and this is just the start!”

With cultural sensitivity gaining increasing focus, a country like India with such a rich cultural heritage and diverse languages, generative AI certainly holds the promise for advertisers, content creators, and filmmakers to synchronise lip movements with the dialogue enabling a stronger connect with the consumers.

Subhabrata Debnath, Co-founder and CTO at NeuralGarage, stated, “The aim behind ‘VisualDubTM’ has been to minimize visual dissonance in content and media. We are committed to fostering innovation in this space to amplify its capabilities and extend its reach into several other industries. We believe that our work will allow the seamless creation of multilingual lip-synced content that will build a stronger and closer bond between content creators and consumers.”

With AI poised to influence most businesses and industries, NeuralGarage is well-placed to aggressively sustain its momentum into tech development and elevate VisualDubTM to revolutionize content creation and the last-mile consumer experience.


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